Rearing young calves to become productive heifers

Rearing calves to become heifers with Kaliber

As a dairy farmer, you work continuously to keep your dairy cows healthy and optimally producing milk. Heifers that enjoy good skeletal development without getting fat have a higher lifetime production. Rear heifers with Kaliber!

Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan

The De Heus Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan will help you rear well-developed heifers and reduce the calving age of your herd, to significantly improve your farm's financial return.

This ambitious rearing plan for young livestock will help you achieve:

  • Lower rearing costs
  • Higher lifetime production of your cows
  • Healthy, well-developed cows
  • Reduce age at first calving
  • Up to 1,500 kg extra milk production over three lactations

Products that support the Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan

The Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan uses high-quality milk replacers and feeds. Our specially designed solutions give your heifers exactly what they need across each stage of their development.

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Solutions for the entire rearing period

Rearing well-developed and productive cows requires a long-term approach. It’s not just about the first six months: the entire rearing period is important, from birth until calving. This is because a heifer’s nutritional needs differ at each stage of its life.

The Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan meets your heifer’s precise requirements all the way through to calving. We provide the optimal feeding and management strategy for your specific farm situation – so you will rear heifers with Kaliber!

The Kaliber Young Livestock Plan


We have the answers to your questions

Good colostrum management can help ensure your calf makes a healthy start to life. Providing sufficient high-quality colostrum boosts immunity and reduces the risk of diarrhoea.

Your heifer’s developmental needs are different across each phase of the Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan. For example, solid feed and healthy rumen development are crucial in phase 1, while the priority during phase 2 is maintaining a consistent daily weight gain. These varying requirements require specific nutritional and management practices.

The starter feed intake should be at least 2 kg before you wean your calves and stop giving them milk. Eating too little compound feed after weaning can compromise growth and increase the risk of health problems.

Almost every farm has opportunities to improve how it rears its heifers. This untapped growth potential can be realised by adjusting management practices and applying the right nutritional advice and products. With the right steps, you can develop more productive heifers with a similar cost base.

How do you ensure you rear well-developed heifers?

By optimally managing the rearing period, you can ensure your calves develop into productive heifers. The result is increased earnings, reduced workload and improved work satisfaction. The Kaliber Calf Rearing Plan is designed to rear calves in the most cost-efficient way, combining herd management and feeding strategies with a well-balanced feed ration. These methods can lead to increased milk production – up to 1,500 kg extra over three consecutive lactations.