Do you want to produce robust fish of excellent quality? Robust fish have a high survival rate, good growth, a low feed conversion ratio delivering you good profits. De Heus offers a full range of nutritional solutions suitable for each stage in the development of your fish.

Contributing to sustainable aquaculture production

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Supporting your farm progress

Every day brings many challenges in producing sustainably, keeping your fish healthy, controlling your water quality, offering the best feed and many others.

We are here to support you in taking on these challenges and reaching your goals! We can review practical on-farm solutions, including feeding strategies to improve overall performance, as well as common challenges around water quality, stress reduction and disease prevention. All, to help your farm performance progress.

  • Improved performance, size uniformity and survival
  • Good water stability, less environmental pollution
  • Strict quality control from raw material to final feed


We have the answers to your questions

Extrusion has various benefits such as improved digestibility, higher water stability and reduced potential bacterial contamination. In addition the use of floating extruded pellets can help with feeding management improving feeding efficiency.

Good water quality is the result of good quality feeds combined with the right feeding strategy. Feeds should have good palatability, good digestibility and water stability, however fish should not be overfed which will result in water quality deterioration.

The quality of the fingerlings will determine the farm performance. Together with feed and farm management, the fingerlings are at the base of farm performance. Good quality fingerlings, from good genetic lines, rearing conditions and high quality starter feeds, will give an advantage in growth and survival. In a similar way good quality feeds will also improve farm performance.

Improving survival rates at the farm starts by having strong and healthy fish. This is done by maintaining strict biosecurity measures and proper farm management which includes naintaing optimum water conditions and feeding program.