Swine farmers, fattening their pigs, are operating in a environment where efficiency is highly important. On the one hand they have to produce at a low cost price, on the other hand more and more consumer are asking for production with focus on animal health and animal welfare. De Heus knows how to act in all these circumstances. During the grower-finisher stage, pigs will need the most kilograms of feed, which makes your cost price high. Farmers are advicec, based on their farm goals on the daily nutrient needs of their pigs. with this approach we are sure the feed efficiency is on the highest leve. Combined with our tools we support farmers in achieving their farm goals.

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As a farmer you focus, most probably, on lowering the production costs and increasing added value. Improving technical results and reducing feed costs are the primary methods of lowering production costs. We understand you can only improve your technical results by using nutritional products that fit your animals needs perfectly. With our feed solutions combined with our management support you can achieve your individual farm goals. Besides tailored nutritional solutions for your pigs, we offer ultimate support solutions to reach you individual farm goals.

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To achieve the best results on your farm, we feel the need to improve our approach and feed solution to the individual swine farmer and the complete chain. Our worldwide experience in pig farming is translated into practical local solutions. And the experiency is growing on daily basis by the intense research programmes in our own R&D facilities. With the aim to offer you the best economic and technical solutions for your sows, piglets and fatteners in your specific situation. Taking your animal health goals, uniformity goals, and the quality of your end product as our basic starting point.

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Farmers worldwide benefit from our nutritional knowledge and understanding of raw materials. The feed that farmers need is never far away. Thanks to our extensive logistic network, we can reach farmers and feed specialists quickly and efficiently, wherever they are.

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The required average daily gain determines how many nutrients are required. However this is not the only parameter that determines the requirements as for example a gilt does require different energy and lysine levels compared to a boar to achieve the same gain. Also health status on farm has an effect nutrient requirements. The previously mentioned factors do determine the daily requirments for nutrients and to come to a diet composition feed intake is important as well as it determines how dense a diet should be. All previously mentioned factors do finally determine how the diets and feeding schedules should look like. Ask your local sales representative to support you on defining the best feeding strategy (diets and feeding schedule) to achieve the requested average daily gain.

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A cheap diet diet (feed cost / 100 kg) does not automatically mean it does result in the lowest feed cost/ kg gain. As probably the cheap diet is inbalanced and therefore 1 kg of the feed does provide less growth compared to a more expensive diet (feed cost / 100 kg), finally resulting a higher feed cost / 100 kg. The best feed cost / kg gain for a target gain is always achieved by supplying exactly the required amount of nutrients. An undersupply of the nutrients results in not achieving the set target for gain, while an oversupply of nutrients will result in a higher feed cost / kg gain as not all nutrients will be used while they still cost money. Your DH specialist do have the knowledge to provide you the diets and feeding schedule advises to achieve your set targets with the most optimum nutrient supply.

As well via nutrition as via management it is possible to steer on lean meat and fat deposition. In management it is more related to the delivery strategy (e.g. different ages). While in nutrition there are several nutrients which do affect lean meat and fat deposition. For more information please contact your local sales representative.

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Gastric ulcers are one of the main reasons for mortality in grower finisher pigs. The gastric ulcers are caused by low pH stomach fluid irritating the upper part of the stomach. This part of the stomach is less well protected against the acids. A reduction in gastric ulcers can be achieved via nutrition by creating a more stable "soup" in the stomach, which means not a liquid layer on top. This can be achieved by using specific fiber sources and next to that by using more coarsely grinded raw materials.

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