Do you want to produce large and robust shrimp? Robust shrimp have a high survival rate, good growth and deliver good profits. De Heus offers optimal nutritional solutions tailored to the needs and interests of shrimp farmers.

Contributing to sustainable shrimp production

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Enhancing your farm performance

Each day brings you many challenges in producing sustainably, keeping your shrimp healthy, controlling your water quality, offering the best feed and many others.

We are here to support you in reaching your goals! We can review practical on-farm solutions, including feeding strategies to improve overall performance, as well as common challenges around water quality, stress reduction and disease prevention. All, to help your farm performance progress.

  • Improved shrimp performance, size uniformity and survival.
  • Strict quality control from raw material to final feed


We have the answers to your questions

Bioavailability of nutrients in your feed is the most important characteristic to ensure good growth. Proximate analysis gives an indication of the feed composition but ultimately the availability of nutrients will determine the growth rates.

Maintaining a healthy environment for the shrimp is essential for controlling stress. A balanced microbial and microalgae population will ensure good water and pond bottom quality. This can be achieved by monitoring different parameters, but also by providing good quality feeds and a good feeding strategy.

A robust shrimp will grow better and be less susceptible to potential diseases. Key in ensuring robustness is providing good quality feeds with high availability of balanced nutrients.

Shrimp are slow eaters. They first have to find the feed through chemosensitive receptors, which means the feed has to release attractants. Then enough nutrients have to remain in the feed for the shrimp to feed without being lost through excessive leaching.