Quality is key

Class leading feeds start with a passion for quality

Quality always prevails

This has been our guiding principle for over a hundred years and still is for each and every one of our production locations. All our production locations therefore meet the latest quality standards. This is a principle we apply to our research, operational strategy and to all our products. Consistency and reliability are key in animal nutrition, providing proven results time after time. This uncompromising approach ensures that our customers also benefit.

Perfecting nutrition for animals

We examine and question everything through research, research, and more research! Our Global Research Farms are located where there is a centre of knowledge and a technological infrastructure for a specific group of animals.

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Improving quality standards on a daily basis

Quality Management is about ensuring our feed products offer the same high nutritional results for our customers today and tomorrow. Time after time. A consistent approach that meets the nutritional needs of your livestock and generates predictable results.

It isn't easy or quick but to ensure the best results for our customers and their animals, we continuously focus on the intake inspection of our raw materials, interim inspection during the production processes and final inspection of the finished feeds.

All the associated analyses are carried out by our local state-of-the art laboratories which apply the same quality rules and standards.

Naturally our passion for quality goes further. Every day we try to go the extra mile in improving our processes, our process management and streamlining global process uniformity. The passion for quality and service mentality of our employees also play a role in upholding our quality standards on a daily basis.

Certified for several international quality systems

To safeguard the quality of our products as well as the ingredients, we are certified for several international quality systems, such as GMP+.

Investing in nutritional technology

We continuously invest in applied research and production technology. We keep building or optimising laboratories, research facilities and factories. The same applies to our business processes. This is why our production sites are equipped with the most modern technologies. Always focused on safeguarding and continuously expanding our quality criteria.


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