animal feed factory in India

Start of the construction

The construction of the first de Heus dedicated animal feed plant in India has started. De Heus India is building a plant that will manufacture a complete line of animal products, including dairy mineral mixes, concentrates, basemix, and compound feed. The state-of-the-art factory should be operational towards the first half of the year 2025.



Artistic impression

An artistic impression of the future De Heus animal feed factory in India.

June 2024: Foundation tower

The foundation of the plant is in place.

April 2024: Production tower foundation

The construction team is laying the production tower foundation.

April 2024: Boundary wall

The construction team is in the process of building the boundary wall around the property to enhance security and delineate the premises effectively.

April 2024: Production tower mechanical connection

Work is currently being done to improve the mechanical connection of the production tower. The production tower relies on a dependable mechanical connection to operate efficiently.

December 2023: Finalizing the design and building phase

Design and Building phase has been finalized in early of December. Local compliance and documentation has been completed as per bylaws. And De Heus has started construction work for new Green Filed project, currently boundary wall construction work is in progress.

November 2023: Preparing the land

The plot is being prepared for building. In the meantime the details of the building plan are being discussed and finalized. 

September 2023: Groundbreaking ceremony

We marked the initiation with a groundbreaking ceremony, signifying the start of an exciting journey into enhancing animal feed production in the region by laying the foundation stones for the plant.  

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