SFOS : A unique innovative concept


The main key to create extra profit for dairy farmers is to make more milk out of roughage and out of a cows life. Almost 75% of the digestion of a cow can be done in the rumen by rumen microbes. Only if the microbes are fed correctly, we can fully utilize the power of the rumen.

SFOS system

To do the work of digestion most efficiently, rumen microbes need, both rumen available energy and protein at the right time, of the right quantity and of the right quality. Based on the results of the analyzed quality of local roughages and the different ratios, our global nutritionists made a range of products fitting the local Indian needs. To help farmers to optimize the complex process in the rumen, De Heus developed a unique ration calculation system, called SynchroFos (SFOS). It is based on many years of practical and scientific experience. This SFOS system has proven its power in many countries all over the world. Working with the SFOS system in combination with our special developed feed formulas are our Synchromix and Synchrolac product range. 

  • Improved fertility
  • More milk out of roughage
  • Better milk fat
  • Better margin for farmers
  • More healthy cows
  • Higher durability of cows