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Why De Heus

Passionate and committed employees are crucial to realize ambitions. People who show entrepreneurship, commitment and leadership, contribute to the growth and success of our company and are of great value for the future!

How do we select the right people for De Heus?

To begin, we select employees that fit with our company culture. After all, talent only comes to fruition in the right organizational context. We appreciate it when employees are proactive, express their opinion and show ownership. Employees who challenge themselves to achieve the very best, every single day, in order to acquire success for our clients. From this perspective, we believe that the key to success lies in the distinctive character of our company to offer our employees an attractive working environment with attention to excellent and modern working conditions and plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development, so they can develop their talents in order to deliver an optimal performance to our customers.

International growth ambitions De Heus

At De Heus we continuously expand our borders. In recent decades, we as a Dutch family company has become a strong international player in the feed market.

Meanwhile, we have 50 production sites in 15 countries and we export our feed to more than 70 countries. And even still, we see plenty of opportunities to conquer new markets. In this context we need regular reinforcement of ambitious and entrepreneurial professionals.

So we are always looking for professionals who want to build together with our foreign business units from our head office in Ede-Wageningen to the realization of our further international growth ambitions.

Working at De Heus

Learning and development

Our slogan, ‘Powering Progress’, helps us convey what we aim to be for our customers: the driving force for advancement.

In order to achieve this, we need engaged and skilled employees on board. Within De Heus, we pay a lot of attention to employee development. We create an inspiring working environment in which our employees can nurture their talents and put them to maximum use. In line with our motto of ‘lifelong learning’, at De Heus we offer our employees a diversity of training and development opportunities which are tailored to their various life phases and career stages. We are an accredited work placement company as approved by the Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB).

De Heus ranks among the best employers in the Netherlands

The annual ‘Best Employers Survey’ in The Netherlands has been developed as an objective evaluation of Dutch employers. As the basis for its ranking, Effectory conducts an employee survey within hundreds of companies each year. 347 companies participated in 2015, with a total of 314,218 workers providing feedback on their employer.

The questions in each survey relate to six distinct aspects, namely: satisfaction with the organisation, satisfaction with one’s tasks, pride in the organisation, commitment to the organisation’s goals, opportunities for optimal performance, and employer appreciation for the workforce. The ‘Best Employer Score’ is calculated as an average of all six aspects, and that score determines the organisation’s ultimate position in the ranking. De Heus achieved 14th position in the overall ranking and 2nd place in the ‘industrial companies’ category. Although this is a Dutch survey, it underlines the importance for De Heus of satisfied employees.


At De Heus we focus on our employees. During the recruitment and selection process, we pay a lot of attention to the overlaps between the ambitions and personalities of our potential employees and the strategy, goals and company culture of De Heus. What are their reasons and inspiration for wanting to work for De Heus? We normally use an assessment to gain insight into the personality traits and natural talents of our potential employees as the basis for helping them to develop their individual competences. Furthermore, an assessment is a valuable learning experience for the candidates themselves, who gain new awareness and understanding of their development potential. With insight into personality, competences and motivation, we are able to attract, recruit and retain the right people who will make a real difference at De Heus.