Sow lactation feed 50KG

Comprehensive nutrition, promoting milk production, sow health, and piglet vitality

Ensure optimal nutrition for your sow during lactation with our specially formulated Sow Lactation Feed. Packed with essential minerals, balanced amino acids, and high energy content, our feed supports milk production, sow health, and piglet vitality. Rich in essential minerals, it stimulates milk production and prevents leg problems, while its balanced amino acid profile ensures high milk production and heavy weaned piglets for optimal growth. With its high energy content, our feed maintains your sow's ideal body condition throughout lactation, promoting her health and vitality.

Additionally, it stimulates faster heat cycles and larger subsequent litters, optimizing the reproductive potential of your sow herd.

Store in cool and dry conditions on pellets.

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  • Rich in minerals
  • Tailored feeding guidelines
  • Optimal nutrition support

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