Multi functional feed for dairy cows and buffaloes

Power Lac is a high-performance feed solution meticulously crafted to enhance milk quality, increase milk production, and promote the health of your cattle. With its unique formulation and superior characteristics, Power Lac offers a variety of benefits to support the success of your farm.

Power Lac undergoes a stringent hygienic process to ensure the safety and cleanliness of each batch. The feed is precooked and crumbled for convenience and ease of use, allowing for efficient feeding practices.

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  • Improved FAT and SNF
  • Increased milk production
  • Enhanced conception rates
  • Promotion of animal health

Feeding advice

For optimal results, feed Unilac Feed at a rate of 1 kilogram for every 2.5 liters of milk produced. It is recommended to administer Unilac Feed four times daily, thoroughly mixed with roughage each time.