De Heus awarded World-class Workplace label for 2022

15 February 2022
2 minutes

"This label makes me incredibly proud of who we are as De Heus and how we distinguish ourselves from other organisations as an attractive employer", with these words Isolde Eleveld - HR Group Director De Heus - collected the World-class Workplace label for 2022 presented by Effectory. This label celebrates fantastic employership and demonstrates De Heus’ ongoing commitment to employee engagement to its current and future workforce.

De Heus ran a De Heus-wide survey which asked its employees to provide their level of engagement and to rate the organization’s employership. “A big challenge! The survey was conducted in 17 countries. A total of 6,368 employees participated. This is a response rate of 82.9%! As a result of this research, we receive insights into how employees feel about their work and De Heus. We also gain insights into identify points of strength and improvement. These insights gives us the opportunity to take action to improve employee satisfaction and work environment”,  says Isolde.

Great employership

Since 2020, the World-class Workplace label has provided organizations the opportunity to celebrate great employership. The label is not for sale and is based solely on the feedback of employees. Only organizations that perform above a geographical benchmark are awarded the label. De Heus was awarded the World-class Workplace label because its eNPS and employership scores were above the benchmark for its geographical region.


Effectory’s benchmarks are based on millions of responses from employees located all over the world, meaning that those organizations awarded a World-class Workplace label know that their high ranking is based on a reliable and comprehensive data set. “It's a nice recognition to be given by our employees that we are a great company to work for. I would like to thank every colleague for the contribution in the company. Let’s continue our journey together as a world-class workplace, together for better results!”, concludes Isolde

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About World-class Workplace

Effectory believes that employee feedback helps companies to grow. To reach their goals. To engage their people. That’s why they help companies listen, learn and then lead. And to stimulate listening, learning and leading everywhere, Effectory founded World-class Workplace: a label for recognizing and celebrating great employership.

World-class workplace labels are handed out to organizations scoring above our global benchmark on employership. The label is not for sale and based solely on the feedback of employees. For applicants proof that they end up with a good employer.

World-class Workplace

We are extremely proud that De Heus was awarded the World-class Workplace label for 2024-2025. At De Heus you work in an environment where the employee is central.